When is Enough Enough? The new Gardasil Vaccination

Vaccination & Immunizationson March 14, 20101 Comment

free_480902I do not support the American Associations position on the prevention or treatment of heart disease. That does not mean that I am not concerned about heart disease. I do not support the American Diabetes Associations methods for treating or preventing diabetes. That does not mean that I am not concerned about diabetes. I am not in favor of the new Gardasil Vaccination and I am concerned about cervical cancer.

Let me tell you why the Gardasil Vaccine is a bad idea. First of all, the vaccine is not really a vaccine against cancer but rather a vaccine against the Human Pappilomavirus (HPV). HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. Recommendations are for girls ages 11 and 12 to receive a series of 3 vaccines against HPV at the cost of about $900. The vaccine is supposed to protect against 4 of the most common strains which add up to about 70% of all HPV infections. There are about 60 known strains of HPV and this vaccine will not protect you against about 56 of the less common strains and could lead to a false sense of security. Merck, the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the vaccine, does not know how long the antibody protection will last. Vaccines only offer passive temporary immunity.

So how much is enough? Should we vaccinate against everything that we can possibly vaccinate against? When will we stop? We already have an incredible number of vaccines with which we are assaulting our immune systems. The number of vaccines we give our children is staggering. If a child receives the recommended vaccines including the flu vaccine and the chickenpox vaccine he/she will receive 96 vaccines in a total of 29 shots before kindergarten age is reached. Do we really need to start vaccinating young girls for sexually transmitted disease?

I am not in favor of cervical cancer and the Gardasil vaccine is not the answer. Efforts are underway to make Guardacil a state mandated vaccine. The governor of Texas recently signed legislation making the vaccine mandatory in his state. Other states, including Colorado are considering similar legislation. The political group Women in Government initiated The Challenge to Eliminate Cervical Cancer Campaign. Merck has made no apologies for financing this campaign through Women in Government. If the vaccine becomes mandatory, Merck tends to make profits estimated in the billions.

While I am personally opposed to the state mandating vaccines in general, I am particularly troubled by mandatory vaccines protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. Will people be more promiscuous because they are immune to disease? Will the virus mutate and become more virulent as they tend to do? Will there be side effects and complications that we are not aware of yet. How many vaccines can we combine in the human body before we cause irreparable harm?

I would like to urge caution on the new Gardasil vaccine. At the risk of being politically incorrect, it is safe to say that I do not advocate the new Gardasil vaccine to my patients, and I guarantee you that my 12 year old daughter will not be receiving it. I am not in favor of cervical cancer.

Written By: William M. Kleber, D.C., D.A.B.C.I
Board Certified Chiropractic Internist