Top Antioxidant Foods

Healthy Livingon November 4, 2010Leave a Comment

image-1.phpimage-2.phpimage-4.phpAntioxidants are praised for their amazing ability to fight heart disease, cancer, and aging. Which item tops the list of antioxidant foods? Surprise! It’s the small red bean. Find out what else made the list.

  • Small Red Beans– Beans contain flavonoids, plant chemicals also found in vegetables and fruits. These Chemicals also act as antioxidants to protects agains heart disease and certain cancers. Serve beans once or twice a week as a side dish or substitute them for meats.
  • Olive oil has a high level of monounsaturated fats to lower blood cholesterol and its antioxidants may help protect against some cancers, stokes and other chronic health conditions.
  • Salmon-a heart healthy fish is a premiere source of omega-3 fatty acid. Eating this fish may reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, minimizing your risk of arthritis and inflammatory disease.
  • Blueberries are loaded with healthy plant chemicals called anthocyanins, which give them the beautiful blue flavor and protects agains heart disease.
  • Beans– all beans in all colors are naturally low in fat. They are high in protein fiber, folic acid, iron and potassium. A recent study shows people who are legumes regularly, four or more times a week lowered their risk for developing heart disease by 22%, also cutting their risk for stroke, cancer and high blood pressure Beans also effective for lowering cholesterol.
  • Artichokes– Artichokes are packed with vitaminC, folate and high in fiber. A winning combination for cancer, stoke and cardiovascular prevention.
  • Cranberries, Raspberries, blackberries-High in Vitamin C and polyphenolic compounds, a plant chemical that acts as powerful antioxidants and fights cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Avocados-contains a good dose of heart healthy mono- and poly unsaturated fats. This fruit contains lutein which help protect against breast cancer and help eyesight. avocados are a good source of potassium which helps ward off high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.
  • Pomegranate-is naturally high in polyphenol antioxidants, which help you body’s cells resist damage form free radicals, which affect aging and cancer. It is know to lower cholesterol and improve flow to the heart. Pomegranate juice may slow down the growth of prostate cancer.
  • Pumpkin-is loaded with antioxidants beta-carotene which your body converts to Vitamin A. This antioxidant vitamin helps prevent some types of cancer and atherosclerosis. Pumpkin also proves a healthy does for Vitamin C and sodium which is particularly important for blood pressure.
  • Mushrooms -are loaded with potent disease fighting antioxidants called ergothioneine. This antioxidant helps cells in the body ward off damaged from dangerous oxygen molecules called free radicals, which may play a role in serious illness, such as heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. They also are a good source of potassium which may cut your rick of high blood pressure and stroke.
  • Tea -whether hot or cold, has the power to keep hearts healthy. It helps prevent cancer and heart disease and may reduce the risk of stroke, obesity, arthritis and diabetes. It may also protect against tooth decay and osteoporosis.