It is just TOO Expensive to eat Healthy!

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image-4.phpDear Dr. Heather,
It is so expensive to eat “healthy”, it is much easier to eat unhealthy. I just think that you are wrong! No way is it about the same cost to eat unhealthy as it is to eat healthy??

Junk food eater

Dear Junk food eater,

I refer to all junk food… “non-food items. The definition of food is
“any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.”

Food items= basically everything that God grew and intended for human consumption, vegetables, grains, rice, corn, beans, fruits, beans, water, fish and animal protein
Non-food items= soda, candy, gum, frozen dinners, all prepackaged foods, canned pastas. I have never seen rivers filled with soda or trees made of candy and donuts ( except in Willie Wonka land), bleached flour/wheat products, hydrogenated oils, food colorings, monosodium glutamate, artificial ingredients….if you cannot read it or pronounce it, it is probably not a food. If it comes in a box wrapper, probably not a real food item.

Here is your homework to determine if it is more expensive to eat healthy:

  1. Keep all of your receipts over the next month that you spend on food, grocery store, farmers market, drive thru and dining out.
  2. Circle in RED pen all of the non-food items, if in doubt, count it.
  3. Total up and calculate the percentage or what you spent on all non-food items.
  4. Highlight all of the real food items that you purchased. ( fruits, veggies, meats, grains…)
  5. Total and calculate this percentage.
  6. Don’t forget to calculate any medical bills that were associated with illness of this month, missed work days, medical copays, prescriptions…… These expenses are related to being unhealthy. Eating unhealthy=being unhealthy.
  7. Most importantly…….. I want to hear how what you found out for your household so leave send you comments!

I look forwards to hearing what you discovered,

In good health,

Dr. Heather

Pinch It!

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Fat Person's belly- Pinch itPinch it!

With the New Year off to a brand new beginning, it is a great time to start over… set new lifestyle goals, break bad habits and reslove to become healthier!

The most common New Year’s resolution is to  lose weight and begin an exercise program. If either of these are your resolution, then here’s a little bit more information for you to see if and why you should get that  new start to becoming healthier, losing the unwanted weight, changing your current health status.

Surprise, if you pinched an inch or more then it is likely that you are overweight. Can you believe that you are supposed to have less than an inch to pinch there! If you are like most people, the older or the more stressed we get, the more we have to pinch.

Weight is a serious issue. Excess weight is a problem facing an estimated 97 million adults in the United States. Currently, about one-fifth of all U.S. adults are believed to be considerably overweight. There are more “obese” people in the U.S. today than ever according to several medical journals and the American Dietetic Association.

We should be clear about what is meant by ‘obese’ and ‘overweight’. You are said to be obese if your body weight exceeds 20% more than the average desirable weight for a person of your height and is defined in terms of an excess of body fat. Overweight describes people whose weight is 10% greater than the average desirable weight.

As we all know, being overweight or obese can affect our mood, emotional well-being, and personal and family relationships. But what you don’t know is that our brain and neurotransmitter/hormone supply affect food intake, appetite regulation, and energy balance. Neurotransmitters and hormones can be measured, and with this information, your doctor can recommend the best program for you.
If you can  “pinching an inch”, start a physical fitness program, start eating a better diet, do a detox or cleansing program.

There is no Fountain of Youth and there are no ruby red slippers to click to give you rock hard abs and look perfect in the little black dress. It takes commitment to change, motivation and a plan!

Life is the most precious gift we own. Don’t wait for cancer or a heart attack  to drastically spark an epiphany  to change your  current health status.  Do everything you can do now to be here, on   this planted as long as you can with the quality of life you desire!

In good health and Happy New Year,

Dr. Heather