Truestar TrueBasics/Detox&Cleanse packets-when to take

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Nutritional protocol for a Detoxification Diet
by Dr. Heather L. Cardin

Continue to take all medications prescribed by your physician.
Follow the rules to eating a detox diet.

Water, Water, Water!!

Take 1 of the TrueBASICS (Men’s,Women’s, A/O, Yoga or Lean Extreme). If you losing more than 5-7 pounds per week then increase the TrueBASIC to 2 packets a day. With rapid weight loss your are losing good minerals along with the bad and you want to replenish them.
The TrueBASICS contain the 5 vitamin components necessary for proper growth, metabolism, digestion, immune system support, muscle and nerve function. Replenishes deficiencies of many essential nutrients related to poor dietary habits and other factors that may deplete nutrient levels.
DAY 1-8:
Take 1 packet of TrueDETOX & Cleanse 2-3 times a day between meals as tolerated. ( 3 a day for weight loss)
DAY 9-21 Take 1 packets of TrueDETOX & Cleanse 1-2 times a day between meals. ( 2 a day for continued weight loss)
DAY 21-18 Take 1 packet of TrueDETOX &Cleanse 1 time a day between meals.
TrueDETOX & Cleanse contains professional strength products that have been specially selected to work in a synergy to support weight loss through the detoxification of the liver, bowel and kidney. The herbs stimulate metabolism without a caffeine-like action. By cleansing your prepare the body to readily absorb nutrients need for a healthy diet.

If you are on a weight loss program then you will want to continue 1 packet of TrueDetox &Cleanse daily till optimal weight is obtained. As you lose weight and dump the toxins out of your fats stores you want to continue to keep the body clean and healthy!

Additional Supplements:

TrueEnergy to help with fatigue associated with carbohydrate withdrawal.
TrueRenew: Improves lean body mass and muscle recovery, collagen synthesis, improves sleep, immune support, weight loss, improves sleep.
TrueREPAIR: detoxification, anti-aging, improves skin wrinkling (common after weight loss), stress support, healthy tissue and muscles

About drheather
I have been practicing alongside my husband, Dr. Ralph S. Cardin, for the past 12 years and have worked in the health care environment for over 29 years. Besides being a passionate practitioner, I am a proud mother of four beautiful boys. I am active in my church and my children’s school and enjoy cooking and exercising.


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  1. Liver Detox is important as it will help you to protect the body from various harmful toxins.
    Your liver organ plays an important role in your
    body. The question is How to Clean your Liver?
    It is always

    suggested to consume lots of water that can help you to maintain good health overall.
    Erratic lifestyle,

    additional the consumption of the junk food as well as
    irregular sleeping patterns can cause some blockage

    in the organ. To purify the circulatory as well as digestive system
    we should also detox our liver, and

    the recovery of our bodies.

    Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.
    The doctors told me I had 6 months to live, if I was lucky.

    They also told me there was no point treating me as it was too far gone.

    Well here I am 2 years later, and feeling healthy
    as I ever did, well considering I am nearly 50

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