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Healthy Living! fatoils 6a00d834520ed269e201538e049e13970b-320wi

Hmore healthy fats and

L is for low carb:)

  1. Have a great attitude and get your “WHY”?  Have more energy, optimize your workouts, get better sleep, balance your blood sugar??

2. Drink more water. Try to drink 1/2 to 1 ounce of water per lb of body weight.

3. Eliminate Refined Sugars. Stay away sugary foods and drinks.

4. Eliminate flour, wheat & grains (no gluten). Stick to leafy greens for sources of carbohydrates.

5. Have your first meal between 11am-1pm. Drink BulletPRUV (fat infused) tea or coffee in the morning

6. Increase your Healthy Fats. Stay within a % fat/protein/carb ratio of 80/15/5 & 65/25/10.

 7. Eat your last meal before 8pm. If you absolutely need to eat after 8pm, make sure it is fat only.

8. Move your body more. Workout, run, walk, do pushups, take the stairs, walk the golf course etc.

9. Start  with a cleanse and the same time :)

Hello and Welcome:)

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Hello Ask Dr Heather friends and followers!

I apologize for my absence but I had a snow skiing accident that has kept me away from you:)

I am very excited to be back and doing what I love the the most. Helping people like you on their journey towards optimal health.