Avoiding the Sugar Rush this Halloween

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halloween-candyHalloween weekend is finally here! Getting all costumed up is always fun, but trying to avoid having too much sugar on this specific holiday is hard. We get a lot of questions from parents in particular about the best approach to avoid all the sugar so here are my go-to tips to tackle Halloween:

  1. Make sure your kids eat a full meal before going trick-or-treating. If they are full, they’ll be less likely to scarf down a ton of candy.
  2. Set a limit with your kids. Talk to your kids before they go trick-or-treating and make a deal with them about the amount of candy they will be eating. This helps to keep them from overloading on sugar.
  3. Separate a large portion of your candy loot to donate or bring to your office, and portion the rest of the candy out into 2-3 piece servings for your kids.
  4. Give your kids the option to trade their candy in for a gift.
  5. Your kids will most likely be tired after walking so much, make sure they drink a lot of water and brush their teeth before going to bed!
  6. Don’t forget to take your whole family in for an adjustment before and after trick-or-treating! They’ll be best prepared for all that walking if their spine is in proper alignment.

How do you deal with the Halloween sugar rush?

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