Blast Fast Strategy! Whole Food Supplement!

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WHY IT WORKS – Because it’s easy!
1 to 3 days a week can deliver sustaining results.
Eat what you want most of the time, sharing meals with friends and family. Unlike diets.
METABOLISM – With a diet, your metabolism slows down and can take up to a year to recover. Weight can go back on faster. Essentials does not slow your metabolism.
BURN FAT – Essentials allows you to burn fat and while your body’s ‘survival’ instinct remains dormant. You don’t store fat.
CRAVINGS – Essentials minimizes cravings. It delivers fermented, cell-centric nutrition keeping the Hunger Hormone Ghrelin quiet.
ENERGY stays high. Essentials’ fermentation process delivers hundreds of thousands of nutrients directly to the cells bypassing the body’s digestive mode. You may notice an increase in energy.

First week. Take Essentials 5 times a day instead of food for 3 days.
Second week. Take Essentials 5 times a day instead of food for 2 days.
Third week. Take Essentials 5 times a day instead of food for 1 day.

Continue as needed to maintain desired weight. Everyone is different Click link to order yours.
AKEA Whole Food Supplement by Asantae 

Watch more info here: Akea Essentials
GMO, Soy, Gluten, Dairy, Trans fat and Synthetic free.

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