Where or How Do I Start My Keto Journey?

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When people begin a lifestyle change, I feel that it is very important that you have a basic knowledge of  what you are doing, why you are making the changes and what to expect.  I highly recommend this book Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and is co authored by Dr. Eric Westman. KetoClarity is a very easy read and I know you will enjoy reading about Jimmy’s journey that began by the tragic loss of his brother at a very young age.  You can click on the link below or check out his book on my Amazon link on this page for all of my book recommendations.


My favorite, must have kitchen items to be low carb ready!

Basics of KetoOS. How to use and What to expect!

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Screenshot_1 My first attempt at Periscope. @justpruvit and @ask_drheather.  I had a great time!image-4.php

Thank you for all the awesome questions and HEARTS!


What is Ketosis and what are Ketones?

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I was privilege to be able to share the mic with Michael Lightfoot and talk about ketones and ketosis!  I hope this will help you answer some basic questions. Ketones (from healthy fats)  are the superior fuel for our bodies, not glucose (from carbs abd sugars). Learn more here!

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Nutritional Supplementation on a LCHF/Keto Diet

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Hello Readers,

I have been getting a lot of questions about digestions! What you may experience when you are switching from a Standard America(SD) diet to a LCHF/Keto Diet. Check out THE STORE.

Prebiotic Inulin

DesBio - Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, B-12 10,000MCG


#1 Carbs and sugars are stimulants so often when you eliminate all of the sugary drinks, food and carbs the bowels may slow down. If you have had a high carb diet for a long time and then you start adding real foods with fiber (IE. greens, veggies..) you body is not sure what to do. Often you will need to add a digestive enzyme or Pre Biotic Inulin fiber to help your digestive track. Ig you have a history on blood sugar imbalance then you may find that a Prebiotic Inulin is best for you:)

#2 The second thing can happen when you are switching for a SD and decrease all the sugary foods that cause inflammation, your body will lose water out of fat cells and you will decrease inflammation. YEAH!!!  If you have excessive inflammation or excessive fat cells then you will need to replace the good minerals that are lost when your body decrease inflammation and you lose fat. Adding in a good multi mineral with magnesium, calcium and potassium. 

#3  Adding a B12 supplement can aid in digestion of carbohydrates and fats. Help the immune system as you detoxify  from released toxins in  fat  cells and inflammation.

#4 Please make sure that you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Start with 1/2ox per body pound and see how you feel:) Water is the most abundant and important nutrient for our bodies! we can only live a few days without water!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your health care:)

In good health,

Dr. Heather