Carbs and Anxiety: Is there a relationship?

Ketones and ADHD/ADD/Anxietyon June 16, 2017Leave a Comment

I’ve read through all the questions here do to with alleviating anxiety, and have seen upping carb intake suggested a few times. But I’d like to understand this strategy better before I try it.

My quick history: I’ve been basically paleo for years, and recent bout of insomnia pushed me to try out a VLC diet and strive for ketosis, yet my anxiety seems to be getting worse. Of course it’s hard to tell if my stress is related to diet or just the general stress of the world (Fukushima is admittedly freaking me out, and since tumors generally don’t feed on ketones, the VLC/fat burning strategy appeals to me.)

I have been testing blood sugar with a glucometer lately, and VLC seems to have generally brought my blood sugar down. But I’ve discovered that when I feel panicky (which happens especially in the morning) my blood sugar will be high no matter what I eat, even after fasting for ten hours….The cortisol is pumping my blood sugar up! (And the belly fat remains.) So unless I get my anxiety under control, it seems that I won’t ever reach ketosis or lose the baby weight I’ve gained.


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