Are Energy Drinks Unsafe?

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Do you or your children drink energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster or Powerade? Have you ever read the label on these drinks?

I think that everything you put  in your body or your child’s body should be considered for its nutritional value.  Empty calories are definitely one of the reasons that America is the most overweight society in the world. What I mean by empty calories is, food sor drinks that we consume which have very little nutritional benefit per calorie.

Energy drinks, though they do give you a burst of energy, are full of caffeine and sugar. One energy drink may have as much as 6 times the caffeine as a similar sized soda. Caffeine raises heart rate, and if consumed in high quantities, a person with heart problems could die from altered heart rhythm.

Some of the symptoms caused by energy drinks are:
• Heart Rate Acceleration or Irregular Beat
• Dehydration (caused by the diuretic effects of caffeine and excessive sweating)
• Stomach Problems
• Fatigue
• Insomnia
• High Blood Pressure
• Weight Gain
• Irritability

Energy drinks were not designed to quench your thirst. They do not hydrate the body, in fact, they cause dehydration through excess sweat production and frequent urination. This can cause an imbalance in electrolytes, which are what help your heart function properly. Caffeine can also cause heart burn.
Many people find that when they use energy drinks they have a boost of energy, but then they feel tired later, which causes them to drink more energy drinks. If you consume high doses of caffeine in the afternoon, it can disrupt normal sleep patterns and cause you to feel less rested in the morning. Which leads to weight gain, and irritability. Some things never change. Remember the Dr. Pepper sign is 10, 2 & 4, denoting the time of day you should consume it to cure the craving.
Consumption of sugar is linked to a low functioning immune system, ADD, ADHD, Fibromyalgia and many other physical ailments including Candida overgrowth. Reducing daily intake of sugar is recommended for all ages.
The natural approach to eliminating these drinks from your diet would be:

• Get enough sleep ( most people need 7-8 hours a night to feel rested)
• Get daily exercise – 20 minutes of walking at a fast pace
• Eat more nutritious foods – get the best out of the calories you consume
• Take a multi vitamin with B-Complex ( B vitamins help the body process glucose and turn it into energy)

Using chemicals to alter your body function is never recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doctors are still learning what high amounts of caffeine can do to a growing child. Parents should definitely limit intake of caffeine in children.

Every living person, big or small should drink 1/2 ounce of water per body pound.  For more information on the benefits if water please click the on the 10 Commandments of Water.


In good health,

Dr Heather

Alternative Medicine for Back Pain

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As surgery rates soar for chronic back pain sufferers, holistic approaches offer hope.
We all know the phrase “Oh my aching back “ and “What a pain in the neck.” They have been round for years, they have been ingrained as lighthearted cliches.But the increasing number of American whose chronic spinal problems cause then to lose sleep, miss work, miss or stop a work out or sacrifice their favorite sport or hobbies.
Studies show that as many as two-thirds of adults will suffer chronic or recurring back pain at some pint, making it second only to the common cold as the most reason to visit a doctor.Back pain accounts for a staggering $75 billion annually in medical expenses, lost productivity and disability claims and constitute the No. 1 reason for inactivity in people under the age of 45.
Those looking beyond conventional medicine for solutions to their back pain typically make the chiropractor, acupuncturist or message therapist their first stop. All three approaches have been shown in clinical trial to be effective than placebo- and sometimes superior to medical intervention and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Back to the Basic for Chronic Back pain:

  • Stand comfortably– one foot slightly in front of the other and knees slightly bent
  • Sit up straight
  • Use an exercise ball as a chair part of the day- Sitting less sedentary forces the body maintain its core strength.
  • Sleep smart- sleeping on your back puts too much pressure on your back muscles. Try using a pillow under your knees or sleeping on your side.
  • Proper lifting and bending– Lift from the hips, not the waist and with your legs, not your back.
  • Keep you weight under control- As few as 10 extra pounds can put unnecessary strain on the joints and muscles.
  • Exercise– Back friendly exercise like yoga promote hip flexibility and spine stability. Pilates promotes core strengthening.
  • Wear supportive shoes– If your feet aren’t healthy, it transfers to your knees, hips and back. Skip the heels!
  • Quit smoking-Nicotine restricts the flow of blood to the disc that cushion your vertebrae.

A number of alternative treatments are available that may help ease symptoms of back pain. Always discuss the benefits and risks with your family doctor before starting any new alternative therapy.
Herbal treatments:

Some herbal supplements with anti-inflammatory properties may ease back pain. Although more research is needed to reliably determine their safety and efficacy, some studies suggest that the following herbs may be helpful:

  • Willow bark (Salix alba), taken orally
  • Devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens), taken orally
  • Capsicum (Capsicum frutescens), applied as a topical plaster

Hands-on therapies:
Chiropractic care. Back pain is one of the most common reasons that people see a chiropractor. If you’re considering chiropractic care, talk to your doctor about the most appropriate specialist for your type of problem. In addition to chiropractors, many osteopathic doctors and some physical therapists have t. By manipulating the vertebrae manually to prompt movement in stiff joints, chiropractors aim to restore mobility to the spine.
Acupuncture. Some people with low back pain report that acupuncture helps relieve their symptoms. The National Institutes of Health has found that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for some types of chronic pain. In acupuncture, the practitioner inserts sterilized stainless steel needles into the skin at specific points on the body.
Massage. If your back pain is caused by tense or overworked muscles, massage therapy may help loosen knotted muscles and promote relaxation.

Mind-body techniques:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. Chronic back pain is commonly associated with emotional stress and mental health conditions, such as depression. In cognitive behavioral therapy, you learn to identify and change negative thought patterns that have a damaging impact on your mental and physical health. Research has found that this type of therapy may significantly relieve chronic low back pain.
  • Progressive relaxation. This relaxation technique involves systematically tensing and relaxing different muscle groups in your body. Progressive muscle relaxation boosts your ability to recognize and counteract muscle tension as soon as it starts. Evidence suggests this technique helps ease back pain.

In addition, a type of yoga called Viniyoga — which emphasizes both postures and breathing exercises — may help ease back pain and reduce the need for pain medications.

Listen to your HEART!

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Did you know that a good belly laugh can send 20% more blood flowing through your entire body? One study found that when people watched a funny movie, their blood flow increased by 20%. When you laugh, the lining of your blood vessel walls relax and expand.

Are you ALWAYS on a Diet? Need a New LIFESTYLE?

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k3446081If you are on a diet right now, you are not alone! Unfortunately, losing weight and gaining it back (yo-yo dieting) is a vicious cycle that leaves millions of people frustrated and unhappy.

In spite of what the $20 billion weight-loss industry wants you to think, traditional and fad diets simply do not work. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

  • An astonishing 69% of adults are overweight or obese, with nearly 79 million Americans classified as obese—that’s more than 1/3 of adults!
  • Even more startling is that 1/3 of all American children are overweight, and 17% of them are classified as obese!

The obesity epidemic is fueled by a culture of food pushers.

Corporate America is highly skilled at getting you to eat and drink things that are not good for you. Every day, we’re bombarded with the wrong messages: TV commercials, billboards and radio ads show us misleading images of happy, attractive people enjoying greasy fast food and dehydrating caffeinated drinks that decrease brain function and lower your self-control.

Do you know your % body fat?, ideal weight?, bone mass? metabolic age?

Stay tuned for my next Low Carb/High Fat Challenge !

Learn how to use FAT for FAT LOSE! Feel Better, Anti aging, Better Focus/memory

Coming Soon!

“When I was growing up….”

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“When I was growing up……?

I do find myself asking this question where I am talking with my friends, husband,  kids and with my patients.

Do you ever look back and say …. when I was growing up……..?

How do you finish this sentence?

I know that I do.  I can finish the sentence and talk about  Net Flick and DVD players, cell phone and rotary phones and now we talk and their perspective  wear colors ……

When did that happen? When did we have so many people suffering and fighting so many

We use to sit at lunch with our friends at school, not with people who have similar immune systems and allergies…

We need to help take control of the rise in diseases of civilization. There are so many  thought leaders pulling us in so many different directions… where did we go wrong and how do we fix it !

The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil!

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What are the health benefits of coconut oil?

Studies have show that intake of coconut oil can help our bodies mount resistance to both viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. Even more, it also can help to fight off yeast, fungus and candida.

Coconut oil is, by far, the most versatile substance for over all good health and a healthy brain, great hair, the smoothest skin ever and a most vital and yet once maligned ingredient, in a daily health regimen.coconut oil

Coconut oil can also positively affect our hormones for thyroid and blood-sugar control. People who take coconut oil also tend to have improvements in how they handle blood sugar since coconut can help improve insulin use within the body. Coconut oil can boost thyroid function helping to increase metabolism, energy and endurance. It increases digestion and helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

Can coconut oil reduce cholesterol?

Coconut oil has a saturated fat called lauric acid, a type of MCT. It has been shown that lauric acid increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood to help improve cholesterol ratio levels.  Coconut oil lowers cholesterol by promoting its conversion to pregnenolone, a molecule that is a precursor to many of the hormones our bodies need. Coconut can help restore normal thyroid function. When the thyroid does not function optimally, it can contribute to higher levels of bad cholesterol.

How does coconut help keep weight balanced?

Coconut fats have special fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). It has been shown that breaking down these types of healthy fats in the liver leads to efficient burning of energy. One 2009 study found that women who consumed 30 milliliters (about 2 tablespoons) of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks not only did not gain more weight, but actually had lowered amounts of abdominal fat, a type of fat that is difficult to lose, and contributes to more heart problems.

Is it true coconut can help with aging?

The oils found in the coconut have a positive antioxidant action in the body. This means they help our body stop the damage to other healthy fats and tissues in our body. Oxidation is considered a major contributor to cardiovascular problems and skin aging. Coconut oil can actually help our bodies reduce the need for antioxidant intake.

Is coconut oil good for my skin and hair?

We tell our patients that from the time of infancy through the senior years,  coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer for skin and hair. It has good amounts of the antioxidant vitamin E, which is very protective. If you are using on the skin regularly, it is best to try to find an organic coconut oil, to reduce the absorption of toxins and pesticides through your skin.

We even recommend new parents massage infants with coconut oil after a bath. One 2005 study of 120 babies showed that a coconut oil massage is safe and has health benefits.

How can I use coconut oil?

Coconut oil works in both baked goods like zucchini and banana bread and with vegetables. It is especially tasteful when paired with bitter greens like kale. You can use it as part of the onion and garlic sauté, where it offers a surprisingly different and pleasant full-bodied taste. It is also a wonderful addition to oatmeal to make it even creamier, while staying healthy.

Coconut oil can withstand the heat – making it a better cooking option.

By Pina LoGiudice ND, LAc, Siobhan Bleakney, ND, and Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc Co-Medical Directors of Inner Source Health in New York

A Better You in 30 Days! Join Us!

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30-day-challenge1A Better You in 30 DAYS!

Just in time for your get-healthy, be-stronger, love-your-body, decrease metabolic age, decrease visceral age,  lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar….. Our 30 Day program has has everything you need. Join us for this exclusive 30-day program…


Monday June 6th       12:30-1:15PM  & 6:30-7:25PM

Classes are Limited. All Start on Tuesday June7th &  End July 8th

Please call Beth to reserve your spot 913-238-8501

First 2 sign in will get a complimentary detoxifying foot bath. ($40.00 value)


  1. Metabolic testing; metabolic age, BMI, %Body Fat Mass,  Free Fat Mass, Visceral Fat Rating, Body Water %, Body Water Mass %, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate Score, Muscle Mass Score,  Physique Rating.  Day 1 and Day 30!
  2. Daily meal planning, menus and recipes for a Low Carb, High Fat lifestyle.
  3. 30 Day Workout option.
  4. Nutritional Supplementation.

Value $450 for ONLY $200! Savings of $250

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

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adrenal picDo you feel constantly tired, moody and depressed?  Do you wake up feeling tired even after a full night’s rest?  Do you crave sugary and salty foods, and depend on your morning coffee just to keep your eyes open?

These are all common symptoms of adrenal fatigue – a condition caused, in short, by too much stress and work.  It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of adults suffer from adrenal fatigue, yet it continues to be a largely ignored and overlooked health problem, according to Dr. James Wilson, author of “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress”.

“Adrenal fatigue can affect anyone who experiences frequent, persistent or severe mental, emotional or physical stress.  It can also be an important contributing factor in health conditions ranging from allergens to obesity.  Despite its prevalence in our modern world, adrenal fatigue has generally been ignored and misunderstood by the medical community,” Dr. Wilson writes on his website.

What is Adrenal Fatigue?  What are the Signs and Symptoms?

Your adrenal glands (located on top of each kidney) act as control centers for many hormones.  One of their most important tasks is to get your body ready for the “fight or flight” stress response, which means increasing adrenaline and other hormones.

This response increases your heart rate and blood pressure, slows your digestion and basically gets your body ready to face a potential threat or challenge.

While this response is good when it’s needed, many of us are constantly faced with stressors (work, environmental toxins, not enough sleep, worry, anxiety, etc.) and are in this “fight or flight” mode for far too long – much longer than was ever intended from an evolutionary standpoint.

The result?  The adrenals become overworked and fatigued, and adrenal fatigue develops.  If you feel one or more of the following on a regular basis, you may have adrenal fatigue, according to Dr. Wilson:

  • You feel tired for no reason.
  • You have trouble getting up in the morning, even when you go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  • You are feeling rundown or overwhelmed.
  • You have difficulty bouncing back from stress or illness.
  • You crave salty and sweet snacks.
  • You feel more awake, alert and energetic after 6PM than you do all day.

Further, when your body is overly stressed your adrenal glands increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which can alter your:

  • Appetite, leading to food cravings
  • Energy levels, leading to fatigue and exhaustion
  • Mood, leaving you feeling emotionally drained
  • Memory and learning
  • Muscle mass and bone density
  • Immune response

How to Diagnose Adrenal Fatigue

Conventional medicine typically does not acknowledge adrenal fatigue until potentially life-threatening conditions like Cushing’s syndrome and Addison’s disease develop.  However, you can have adrenal fatigue or an adrenal imbalance – along with a range of debilitating symptoms – long before you progress into one of these extremes.

A health care provider who is knowledgable in the area of adrenal fatigue can perform a  saliva test to check your levels of cortisol over a 24-hour period.  In health adrenal function, cortisol should be elevated in the morning, lower and steady throughout the day, and then should drop in the evening when you go to sleep.  In people with adrenal fatigue, however, cortisol levels remain lower throughout the day and rise int he vending when you should be relaxing.

After making positive lifestyle changes, most people can expect to feel improvement in four to six months.  For best results, call the office so that we can work on an individualized course of lifestyle modifications and other effective treatments.

Adrenal Stress Index Saliva Testing
  Measures 7 different things:
  • Saliva Cortisol
  • Saliva DHEA
  • sIgA

Email or call today to get your Adrenal Stress Index Test. or 913-239-8501

Homemade Detoxifying Baths

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bthrm-contemp-tub-forefront-rsBaths are wonderfully healing, and it is easy to make your own homemade, detox baths.
When you sweat, the pores in your skin open, providing a clear path for toxins to get out. As a result, you may experience some detox effects such as flu or cold symptoms the next day. This is normal, so do not fret. Simply drink more liquids, and get through it. You want this to happen – if it doesn’t, it means toxins aren’t being rid of!
Hot water draws toxins out of the body to the skin’s surface, and while the water cools it pulls toxins from the skin. Epsom salts augment this detoxification by causing you to sweat. Other salts—all highly alkaline and cleansing—used in baths include sea salt, baking soda, clay, and Dead Sea salts. Several of the formulas below are Dr. Hazel Parcells’ great work.
*Basic Salt Soak Bath Formula
Minerals and salts make the bath water feel silky and leave your skin cleansed and soft. This marvelous soak relaxes muscles, draws toxins from the body, and contains a natural sedative to help your nervous system relax and unwind. It is also a natural emollient and exfoliant–and it reduces swelling. All this in one simple formula!

  • 1 cup sea salts
  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 cup Epsom salts
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons glycerin per bath
  • 4 to 6 drop of essential oil of your choice

Combine the sea salts, baking soda, and Epsom salts in a bowl. Stir to blend. Pour 1/4 cup or so into the bath while the tub is filling. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons glycerin to keep your skin from drying out (more for dry skin, less for oily skin) and essential oils of choice. ( make enough for 16 baths-store the remainder in a glass jar)

Medicated Baths:

  1. Saline Bath –  Add 3-5 pounds of magnesium sulfate (salt or Epsom salt)  to a full tub of water.  Temperature – 95-97 F.  10-20 minutes.  Used to relax.  Cooler water and shorter time is more of a tonic.
  2. Soda bath – Add 1 pound of baking soda to full tub of water.  Temperature – 95-97 F 10-20 minutes. Alkaline.  Acts as a mild antiseptic, opens pores, relieves itching and skin irritation.  Good for skin conditions such as eczema, hives or insect bites.
  3. Starch Bath – Add 1 pound of dry corn starch to full tub of water.  Temperature – 95-97 F.  Acts as a cooling agent relieving skin irritations, itchiness from such conditions as poison ivy, poison oak, eczema and prickly heat.
  4. Epsom salt Bath – Add 1 cup to 1 pound of Epsom salt to full tub of water (30 gallons).  Temperature- as hot as can be tolerated for 10-20 minutes.  Increases perspiration, relieves muscular fatigue, aches and pains. Used to relieve pain of arthritis, sciatica. Also used to deter cold, flu, or other infection. Contraindicated for patients in weakened conditions such as heart trouble, arteriosclerosis, diabetes. Sip on a glass of warm water water mixed with 1/2tsp of salt.
  5. Detox Bath –  1-2 cups each of Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda.  Temperature – as hot as can be tolerated for 20-30 minutes.  Used to detoxify body after deep tissue work.  Used to neutralize or detox radiation exposure during air travel, dental exams, mammograms……Sip on a glass of warm water water mixed with 1/2tsp of salt and 1/2tsp of baking soda.
  6. Sulfur Bath –  Add 1-2 ounces of potassium sulfate to a full tub of water. Temperature – 95-102 F 10-20 minutes.  Can be relaxing or refreshing; increases perspiration, relieves breathing problems in asthma or bronchitis.
  7. Oatmeal Bath – 1-2 cups finely ground oatmeal to a full tub of water . Temperature – 95-97 F 15- 30 minutes.  Used to relieve skin irritations, relieves sunburn, chafing and windburn. (Maybe contraindicated if a wheat or gluten sensitivity or allergy
  8. Apple cider vinegar Bath – Use organic, raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized  with “mother” in bottle from health food store.  I generally suggest Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar.  1-4 cups added to full bath.  Effective in detoxifying the body and treating vaginal yeast infections. Sip on a glass of warm water with 1TBS of organic apple cider vinegar.
  9. Ginger Bath– Use 1/8 cup of fresh ginger, grated or chopped. Mix with 1 cup or Epsom salt, and pour this mixture into a full tub of water as hot as you can stand. A ginger detox bath helps removes toxins out through your skin through sweating.
  10. Clorox  Bath– Pour 1 cup of Clorox bleach into hottest temperature you can tolerate. Get out of the tub when the water is cool. This bath helps detox from metal poisoning from cookware, dental amalgams, antacid, pesticide exposure and inhaled carbon monoxide.
  11. Baking Soda Bath– Add 2 pounds of baking soda into the hottest tub of water tolerated. Get out of the bath until the water is cool. This bath helps detox from food born bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella.

1. Using a vegetable brush, brush your skin, ensuring you brush it towards the heart.

2. Fill the bathtub with suggested water temperature and add the salts or formula as recommended for each bath.

4. Get into the bathtub and stay in for the recommended amount of time BUT no more than that.

5. You will be sweating a lot after just 15 minutes,  this is what you want! Rub your entire body clockwise, while remaining soaked in the hot water. Rub your stomach, breast, etc. Have some bottle water near you, so you will have something to drink in case you get thirsty!

6. Get out of the water after the recommended time and rub your body vigorously with a towel. Do so until you turn extremely red. Wrap yourself up into a towel, and get into bed, covering your body with a blanket or covers. You will find yourself sweating for a hour or so. Try to fall asleep. While you’re asleep, your body will be eliminating toxins through your skin.

Reminders: Do not apply any lotions/creams or powders into your skin prior to heading to bead.

Do not take more than 1 bath a day and do not mix baths!

Food as Medicine- Use FATS to get ready for Spring & Summer!

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Are you ready to be able to do all the summer activity that you desire and is your body composition ready for spring and summer clothes? Shorts? Tank Tops? Swimsuit?
I wanted to share just one example of a LCHF diet with exogenous ketones can do.   This was just one patient that I had yesterday.

I have had over many friends break the 50LB mark. They simple added healthy fats and decrease the starchy and sugary carbs AND added KetoOS into their diet to help with satiety and proper blood sugar balance. AND one who has dropped over 100+ Since Sept 2015.

  This was just one person from our office yesterday!

Check out these Triglycerides! NO STATIN (patients choice)  for the 264 to 124!!!  We added niacin and Coq10 yesterday to help with LDL’s.

His chronological age is 58 and metabolic age is 43!!!! Ketones are anti-aging:)

Young female using  KetoOS, 2 times a day, stops/decreases de novo lipogenesis,…. decrease cellulite:) Yeah!

Ketones decrease inflammation! specifically NLRP3 inflammasome in this young woman:)

​ Janelle is ranked 5th in the world for power lifting! She uses KetoOs for better fuel and faster recovery. Ketones, are a superior energy and  provide 3 more ATP than glucose and 38% more oxygen!

Are you ready for Spring & Summer ?


Dr. Heather

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